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Center for Afghanistan Studies

Four Decades in Afghanistan

Founded in 1972, UNO's Center for Afghanistan Studies continues to be America’s primary cultural and scholarly link with Afghanistan. Through war and peace, destitution and reconstruction, the Center and its partners have been on the ground in Afghanistan – printing textbooks, training teachers and journalists, and advising U.S. government officials.

The Center’s team members have deep roots in Afghanistan. Many were born and raised there, later working and raising families amid history-making events. Others have spent nearly their entire professional lives studying the country’s culture and geography, visiting its cities and villages, and working with Afghans. All are deeply committed to preserving Afghanistan’s heritage and developing its economy and civil society.



JULY 2013

Thomas Gouttierre, Director of the Center and Dean of International Studies & Programs at UNO, grew up as a baker's son in Ohio and later found himself serving Afghans in the Peace Corps. Read about his four-decade-plus love and service to this country - including his time as coach of the Afghan National Basketball Team - in the July 22 issue of Sports Illustrated:

Full story from SI Vault
Photo spread with excerpt


Habibia (H) and Sports School (SS) players posing at Istiqlal Field in Kabul before the Spring Championship Tournament, 1965. Habibia won.

Top row, from left: Sakhi (SS), Fridun (H), Rahim (SS), Khaled (H), Baray (H), Sefat (SS), unknown (SS), Ismael (H), and Shahid (SS).

Bottom rown, from left: Coach Tom Gouttierre (H), Azim (H), Khodiequl (SS), and Mir Ahmad (SS).

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