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International Studies & Progams
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Global Studies Conference


Global Studies Conference


We welcome presentations from a diverse selection of academic disciplines and regions of the world:

Democracy and Governance
Developing Roles of Women
Development and Humanitarian Relief
Environmental Degradation and Global Climate Change
Fine Arts and Literature
Global Water Shortages
International Education
Latin America
Middle East and South Asia
Philosophy and Religion
Social Media and the Arab Spring
Social and Political Perspectives

2015 Conference Theme

Rethinking Global Security: Emerging Threats and Challenges

Traditionally, the state has monopolized the pursuit of national security goals as a way of ensuring its survival and protection of its citizens. Therefore, security has been a national problem, not a global one. Today, however, there is a growing consensus that security is no longer only threatened by uniformed and armed foreign militaries, but rather that globalization requires rethinking of our concepts to address a more complicated and interconnected set of threats including food, water and energy shortages, climate change, pandemic diseases, vulnerable cyber space and information systems, gender violence, piracy, transnational criminal terrorist and criminal networks, human and drug trafficking.

In addition to the conference theme, the conference welcomes presentations on all aspects of the developing world.