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Study Abroad

Getting Started

Interested in studying abroad, but not sure where to start? Follow these steps.

Study Abroad


By studying abroad, UNO students find exotic adventures, meet new people, and immerse themselves in distant cultures. Students have all kinds of study abroad opportunities – short- and long-term, guided and do-it-yourself, focused on many disciplines. One example: A summer tour through the cities and sands of Morocco.

Ready to explore your options? Create your Horizons Study Abroad Profile.

Create a Study Abroad Profile

Create a Study Abroad Profile - it's free, only takes a few minutes, and allows you to browse more than 1,000 options for studying abroad through UNO, partner universities, and other program providers. You can search by destination, field of study, duration, language of instruction, and general keywords.

With your profile, you will also apply for the study abroad program that's right for you. Create a Study Abroad Profile now.

You can also browse opportunities in the list of Featured Programs.

Additionally, we recommend, a search engine for study abroad and international service opportunities, as well as scholarship programs.

Visit the Study Abroad Library

Located in Arts & Sciences Hall 220, the Study Abroad Libraray contains printed material on hundreds of destinations and programs, as well as computers you can use to create a profile and browse travel opportunities online. You can visit with peer advisors to get practical advice on choosing the right program. The Study Abroad Library is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday - no appointment necessary.

You can also e-mail the peer advisors:

Meet with your academic advisor

As you plan your Study Abroad experience, you will want to consult with your academic advisor, who can guide your course selection and help make the most of your academic work overseas. If you don't know who your academic advisor is, check out the contacts for your college at UNO's Academic Advising portal.